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Opening hours: 8am to 6pm
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Get a customized local SEO strategy for your practice to ensure your website is ranking higher in local searches related to the practice’s services and location.

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How can Local SEO Benefit Your Practice?

Local SEO for doctors is the process of optimizing a medical practice’s website and online presence to rank higher in search engine results for local searches related to the practice’s services and location. This can include optimizing the website’s content and meta tags, building local business listings and citations, and acquiring backlinks from local websites. By increasing the visibility of the practice in local search results, potential patients in the area are more likely to find and visit the practice’s website.

There are several benefits of Local SEO for doctors, including:

Increased Visibility
Local SEO helps to increase the visibility of a medical practice in search engine results for local searches, making it more likely that potential patients will find and visit the practice’s website.
Increased Traffic
By appearing higher in local search results, a practice’s website will receive more traffic from potential patients searching for medical services in the area.
Increased Patient Acquisition
By increasing visibility and traffic to the practice’s website, local SEO can help attract and acquire more patients for the practice (previous and new patients).
Better Targeting
Local SEO allows you to target specific geographic locations, which is especially useful for medical practices that only serve specific regions.
Building Trust
Having a well-optimized website, complete with business information and patient reviews, can help to build trust and credibility with potential patients.
Measurement and Monitoring
Local SEO provides measurable results and allows you to monitor your progress, making it easier to track the success of your marketing efforts.
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I’ve been using Sherwood Digital for years now. I have referred Sherwood Digital to my peers and they are equally pleased. They have my highest level of recommendation

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Working with Sherwood Digital has been an absolute dream! Our web presence has been so strong and where we get a lot of our patients.

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