Opening hours: 8am to 6pm
Orange County, CA
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm
Orange County, CA
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Why Sherwood Digital?

With over 10+ years in digital marketing and operations consulting, we offer a full range of services from marketing strategy, process improvement and administrative assistance to help you scale your online presence, optimize your operations, and grow your team.

Outsourced Digital Team

Sherwood Digital helps you grow your practice.

Ready to scale? Get a customized strategy and bundled package tailored to help you increase your patients and grow your practice.

Website and Monthly Maintenance
Local SEO + Social Media
Reputation Management
Content Marketing + Graphic Design

You’re busy! Make use of our vetted digital team members that act as an extension of your practice to alleviate your staff.

Virtual Assistant
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Our Awesome Clients


We’ve had the opportunity to work with great clients over the years. Here are some of the kind words by the awesome clients we’ve worked with.

I cannot say enough great things about Mo and his team at Sherwood Digital! I needed to create a webpage from scratch for my business and I had no idea where to start. It was very overwhelming to come up with a design and to figure out what features to include. Mo and his team was so patient, helpful, and responsive at every step of the way! Mo and his team took their time to listen to all of my concerns and requests and incorporate them to my webpage to perfection!!

Dr. Brian Hwang
Brian Hwang, MD

Highly recommend Sherwood Digital. They are very professional and responsive. They helped with the launch of the CORRO website and page on Amazon... they took care of all the hurdles that came up along the way which allowed us to focus on other things.. highly recommend!!!

Hussein Badrawy

Working with Sherwood Digital has been an absolute dream! Mo is creative, responsive and very knowledgeable. From handling our website, SEO, designs, and social media accounts. Our web presence has been so strong and where we get a lot of our patients. He is also helpful in ways that other companies have not been and helped me get set up on things he normally would not do, but does as a courtesy. Really is the best there is! 12/10 recommend!

Alexa Anderson
Pacific Pain Free

I've been using Sherwood Digital for years now and has been absolutely amazing with the quality of work. It is because of their content creation and digital build up that they have moved my online professional footprint to higher than expected levels. I have referred sherwood digital to my peers and they are equally pleased. They have my highest level of recommendation

Dr. Badday
Hassan Badday, MD

Very professional service and high end design. Very reliable ownership, Mo is always available to help/answer questions. Would recommend highly

Dr. Liauw
Jason Liauw, MD

The team at Sherwood Digital were very professional, responsive and creative. They helped my business with multiple Google campaigns and as a result we were able to sign up new clients. I would highly recommend them for online marketing.

Mohamed Youssef
Nexus Square

Hats off to Mo and his team. They came up huge with creative strategies to expand our business online presence. He kept us on track and aware of the next step in advance.

Jim Kotob
Smart Systems Technologies

Working with Sherwood was wonderful. They did an excellent job of designing and managing a major campaign for us. High recommended!

Emily Bamford

Mo at Sherwood Digital helped us build a brand new website for our medical practice and we are super happy with how it came out. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and was able to contribute lots of creative ideas to help our website stand out. Starting from scratch was daunting and gaining presence online with our website and Mo has really helped our business grow and reach more patients.

Ilana Liauw
Beel Medical Inc

Mo is by far the most talented and knowledgeable digital marketer out there. Since the moment we connected, he became my go-to for all things digital marketing related. From asking him tough questions to sharing my concerns, he's always been patient in explaining and taking the time to make sure I understand. He's consistent and conscientious every single time. It's why I am incredibly grateful to have him in my corner. Hire him and you will be, too.

Anna G. Martins
Projects by AG

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed some of the common questions we receive from our customers.

Just like any typical app on your smartphone, a growing website needs routine maintenance to ensure that its various components like contact forms, images, links, plugins, and payment gateways are all running efficiently and safely. After building an eye catching and responsive website for your clients, it’s essential to have regular maintenance to ensure there’s no website downtime which can be extremely inconvenient and deter clients.

A website in digital space is like a tree in the woods; Without digital marketing, no one will know it exists. The purpose of digital marketing is to reach a larger audience than you typically would through traditional methods of marketing. With keyword-driven advertising and SEO, you can target prospects who are actively searching, and most likely to purchase, your product or service. Digital marketing is often way more cost-effective than traditional advertising and it allows you to measure results on a daily or weekly basis to optimize your strategy to drive better results.

Virtual assistants have become extremely popular with executives and small businesses over the past couple of decades because they are affordable and provide a flexible workforce to boost your business’s productivity. They can assist with everything from administrative work, business development, calendar and e-mail management, social media, marketing, website management to any recurring tasks that can help free up time for your business. They can be part-time or full-time, depending on your office’s requirements. But of course, full-time virtual assistants can be better positioned with your team and offer more affordable pricing.

Every business is different. Depending on your requirements, sometimes our bundled packages might not be what you’re looking or the best fit for your business. That’s why we offer à la carte services for you to pick and choose what specific services you want for your business, and to directly hire our staff to get the job done. Don’t need a branding package? No problem, hire our graphic designer on an hourly basis and let them know exactly what you want. It’s that simple!

Have you ever searched for any particular service in your area? Your potential customers might search for “pain doctors near me” or “neurosurgeons in Orange County,” so how does Google determine which website to list at the top of their search engine? Local SEO is a strategy for search engine optimization (SEO) that helps your business rank better and be more visible in local search results on Google. If you’ve ever searched Google for a keyword relevant to your business and saw a map with 3 listings show up underneath (this is known as the Google map pack), then that means your business can benefit from Local SEO. Setting up location-based factors like a Google Business page, building local landing pages, local citations from data aggregators, and reputation management can all help your local SEO ranking.

Request a free SEO audit from our team to determine what your next steps for Local SEO should be.

Reputation management is a continuous process of monitoring where your business is listed online, how consumers perceive your business and addressing any negative feedback that may damage your business’s reputation. Typically, reputation management centers around your mentions on social media, your reviews, and Google.

Reputation management has become essential in maintain customer loyalty by keeping a positive reputation online. A negative reputation can deter potential customers and be damaging to sales and customer retention.