Introduction to eCommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is the use of promotional tactics to drive traffic, potential customers and leads to a business that sells products or services. A successful eCommerce marketing campaign can convert traffic into regular visitors and visitors to paying customers. It can also increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and online sales.

Ecommerce marketers use various strategies including digital content, social media, and email campaigns to attract visitors. Marketing an e-commerce website is similar to marketing a brick-and-mortar store. You have to show great service as much as provide good products to your customers.

What Is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is often synonymous with ‘online shopping’ and the terms are always used interchangeably. The basic meaning of e-commerce is the “use of internet and web for business transactions which involve an exchange of value” (e.g. money).

E-commerce goes a long way back and can be traced back to the history of the internet. However, the first use of encryption technology was only during the 90s. The first time encryption technology was used for a transaction was in 1994 when a guy named Phil Brandenberger used his Mastercard to buy a Sting’s Ten Summoners’ Tale via the internet for $12.48.

81 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online.

Today, eCommerce is the largest online industry in the world.

Ever since the momentous rise of eCommerce giants like Amazon, the retail industry has never been the same as before. Each year, we see better and more improved digitalization of the financial system. Although this has made our lives easy, this also resulted in a decline in sales for many brick and mortar businesses.

Why Is E-Commerce Marketing So Important?

Many first-time business owners think it’s easy to create a brand and sell online. However, finding customers is the hardest part of building a business. The hard truth is that no matter how great your product is, if you don’t know how to market it, then no one will buy it.

It’s a challenge to find paying customers who’ll repeat purchases again in your shop. If you want to stay in business for a long time, you should focus on this part. This is why e-commerce marketing is so important nowadays. Customers are the life and blood of your business, so you need to always focus your marketing efforts on finding them and making sure they’re happy with your business.

E-Commerce Marketing Guidelines

Define Your Target Market 

Figure out who your potential customers are. Make it specific by studying who really needs your product and who’s willing to buy it. To help you find out your target market, first, ask yourself what problem does your product solves? Then find people who have this kind of problem. Those will be your target market.

Focus on customer experience

Improving your customer experience is the best way to earn customers that will stick with your brand no matter what. In a crowded online space, the best way to differentiate yourself is to simply exceed customer expectations. Make your site a fun place to shop. Answer customer questions quickly and deliver the best customer service.

Use the right e-commerce platform. 

The fastest way to start selling products is to set up a store using an eCommerce platform. Most e-commerce platforms charge a small fee to use their features. Shopify, the largest eCommerce platform charges between $13 and $100 monthly fee to host a store as well as a 2.2% for each transaction.

Improve site speed

Another important but mostly overlooked factor is site speed. Customers would likely revisit your website if it has a responsive and efficient design. Boosting your site speed will significantly increase your site’s visibility and click-through rates.

Utilize the power of influencers

Partnering with industry influencers is a powerful way to increase sales and visibility online. Knowing that a significant percentage of consumers don’t trust ads, sellers need to find a way to reach consumers in a more credible way. This is where influencers become very important. Most of these people already have loyal social followings who will listen to them, support them, and use/wear whatever they are promoting.

Use eCommerce advertising tactics

Don’t hesitate to spend money on eCommerce advertising. Use services such as Google Shopping Ads, Youtube Ads, or Social Media ads to get exposure and reach potential customers. Using the right combination of eCommerce advertising and marketing strategies you can stand out from the competition.