An Overview of Content Marketing Strategies in the Current Digital Landscape

Content marketing has been one of the most successful forms of digital marketing in today’s diverse digital marketplace. It’s no wonder people always go back to the phrase “Content is King” whenever they engage in digital marketing conversations. First coined by Bill Gates in his published article in 1996, this phrase has become a cliche in recent times.

However, there’s more truth to it than we all know. In a cut-throat business landscape, where every business is doing arguably the same kind of digital strategies to stand out: content truly sets one business apart.


What is Content Marketing?

Nowadays, content plays a very important role in all marketing techniques and there’s no goal that can’t be attained using content. Whether you’re aiming for brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, or sales, content is key to almost everything!

“A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Content Marketing Institute
So, Why Is Content King?
1. Content Connects You With Consumers

Content is king for one important reason: it connects you with your consumers.

Without it, there’s nothing that you can do to truly capture your customer’s attention. This is even more important today when great content has the potential to go “viral”. Sometimes, viral moments are the best way to successfully market of products and services.

The success of content marketing is also largely thanks to its consumer-focused approached. Decades ago, marketing was all about selling the company or brand. It always focused on the brand’s needs and its profits.

Now, the tides have changed. Marketing is now all about consumers. Solve a problem for your consumer, then they will come to you. That’s how you get into the S-tier list. You don’t distribute content out there to disrupt people from their day-to-day lives, you create content that helps them….informs….and enriches their lives. This is how content creates loyal customers, high conversation rates, and increased business growth.

After a successful content marketing campaign, people will visit your website not just for the products, but also for the topics you cover. They will want to engage with you because they know you are a trusted authority in the industry. But that’s not all. Once you’re an authority in your chosen industry, every informative and useful content you produce strengthens your relationship with your consumers.

2. Google Loves High-Quality Content 

Another main reason why great content is prioritized above all is that: Google loves it. If the world’s best search engine is ranking websites with great content at the top, shouldn’t you be doing all you can to deliver the same results?

Google is known for always improving algorithm that continually changes for the better. It does rigorous testing, search experiments, and uses its own gathered data to create the most useful and relevant search engine.

When people are gaming the system, Google is quick to make changes to create a different set of rules. Google rewards good content and punishes people who take advantage of loopholes in their system.

For example, the old SEO technique of using keywords within URL is proving no longer powerful based on recent research from Neill Patel. Google is also prioritizing web pages that accurately answer searcher’s queries. So, even if it has a lot of shares and likes, if it doesn’t answer a query from the searcher, it won’t be on the first page.

3. Content Marketing Generates The Most Leads and Sales

Out of all digital marketing strategies, content plays the most crucial role in brand awareness. Content generates leads and sales better than other marketing methods. But, it’s not just enough to simply create good content. Most content marketing strategies also study how to get content to a larger number of audiences. This leads to studies on the best platforms to use, timings of posts, and segmenting techniques to reach targeted consumers.

4. Content Adds Value To Your Products and Services

We’re living in a society that has a big appetite for content. We consume content on a daily basis and at an increasing rate. This has also resulted in netizens being smarter when it comes to choosing the content they engage in. People no longer buy the first thing they see online. Consumers are careful now. They always do their research before adding an item to their cart.

People don’t just purchase products because they need them, they’re also looking for stories and knowledge with every purchase. A great example of this is Apple’s content marketing strategy. They’ve built the story of Steve Jobs to create an influential brand. There’s no Apple fanatic who doesn’t know the success story of the man who made the company.

Do you want to dominate the market? Then, focus on powerful and genuine brand storytelling. Create controversial content that nobody can ignore. Build a story that will last through generations. A story that people will think of whenever they buy your product.

5. Content Fosters and Builds Better Relationships Within Your Industry  

Another way content helps your business grow is by unlocking opportunities within your industry. No man is an island. Sooner or later you’ll need help from the people around you. Content can be your bridge to form this connection. You can also ask “influencers” to share your content with their audiences. You can also try guest blogging to get your voice in other blogs and platforms.